This Mother’s Day watch “Boonie Bears” releasing in English and Hindi in theatres across India on 10th May

India, May 7: “Boonie Bears – Guardian Code” releases in English & Hindi in theatres across India on 10th May. The film releasing on the eve of Mother’s Day showcases the never-ending strong bond that Mothers & their children share worldwide. This will be the 11th animation feature film from the globally beloved “Boonie […]

Remedium Lifecare Limited Bonus Share Buzz

THE BONUS SHARE BUZZ! Founded in 1988, Remedium Lifecare Ltd has established itself as a prominent player in the pharmaceutical industry, focusing on trading advanced pharmaceutical intermediates and related products. Merger for Growth: In a strategic move, the company approved a Memorandum of Understanding on 14th November 2022, signalling the […]

Parkar Digital launches its flagship Observability product Vector 2.0

This will empower organizations with unified observability and AI-powered monitoring Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], May 7: Parkar Digital, a leader in transformative technology solutions, launches Vector 2.0, an observability and AI-powered monitoring platform designed to enhance IT operations through real-time monitoring and management. This platform is developed in India and aimed at […] presents Bengal Business Awards 2024 in Kolkata

Kolkata (West Bengal) [India], May 7:, a leading market research organisation, presented the prestigious “Bengal Business Awards 2024” to prominent entrepreneurs, acknowledging and recognising their contributions to the growth of the state and country. The “Bengal Business Awards 2024” were presented to 60 individuals and organisations at a grand […]

From Prevention to Empowerment, Sanjay Desai’s Visionary Approach to Student Mental Well-being with ConsciousLeap in India

New Delhi [India], May 7: In the face of a burgeoning mental health crisis affecting India’s youth, ConsciousLeap, a holistic mental wellbeing platform, has emerged as a beacon of hope. The platform is dedicated to empowering students and young people to achieve their life success goals sustainably, amidst escalating pressures […]

Inner Drive: An epic journey, told person by person

New Delhi (India), May 7: How does a startup, founded far from the advantages and resources of the world’s tech hubs, go on to reach unicorn status? And more deeply, just how far can the drive for meaning and purpose ultimately take you? The inDrive documentary sets out to answer […]