New Delhi [India], May 7: Piyush, a chef by profession, has been a part of the hospitality industry for more than a decade. Food has been a passion for him ignited by his past lives as he believes.

He is a very staunch believer that we all are here for a purpose and he finds his purpose in service, a strong dream of opening an animal shelter which is one of his major reasons for writing this book that explains how every life form is important human, animals, trees & every cell on the planet. The book is based on the birth of Prince Shakti, who was born in a very miraculous way due to which he is a new soul that enters the world with no baggage and past Karma. As this happens his experience of life is defined as he kind of is speculated to be a master to the mortal realm who if fallen into the wrong forces cause destruction.


Let’s delve into the author’s insights.

Q1. Tell us about your book.

Ans- Rise of Shakti is a story that evolves around Life, death, rebirth and unseen realms which the conscious mind can’t see, described through the story of a prince born in a very unique way and who is speculated to be the bridge between hell, heaven & earth.

I have been very curious about the concept of Karma, death & life journey in our lives, so post-depth studying and some inner knowledge converted the topic into fiction.

Death is unseen and inevitable all we have is the current moment, it’s actually a way to share how the present moment is important and why we face challenges to exactly understand the true meaning of life & its operations.

Q2. Why did you write this book?

Ans- Since I have been very young I feel this world is not everything it’s just an aspect or a temporary passage. I feel we are experiencing life through the form of an energy body, so writing a book & sharing my inner guidance felt the correct way.

Q3. What is your inspiration for writing this book?

Ans- Since I was young I have written and have always been interested in narrating stories & experiences. My dream of opening an animal shelter comes from the thought that we all are born to serve in whatever way we can.

Kindness & love are the only true emotions I deeply consider all living forms equal, from an animal to a tree to a human thus was inspired to write to share my expression of life with all readers & to use the success of the book to finally cultivate a small life experience for life forms in whatever way I can contribute.

Q4. What message do you want to give the readers through your book?

Ans-  Although we are in a constant battle between our conscious mind and experiencing life in the present moment, my idea was to inspire people to understand that life is just like my story it will be over someday, how we choose to experience is in our hands completely.

The souls journey never ends however the time with yourself is limited so use it with better thoughts, actions and beliefs no matter what the journey offers.

Q5. Is there anything that you want to share with your readers?

Ans- Karma is a very complex subject and understanding of it can help us elevate our minds and way of life in an extraordinary way.

Learning why our reactions are important and how every living form is tied by these rules is a way to eradicate judgement for anyone or anything.

My idea is also to share how this planet is a living body where we have a temporary habitat and how our actions, thoughts affect the whole aura of this mighty universe.


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