Mera Naam Joker’s Ukrainian release poster establishes world record auction price for Indian international release film poster

Mumbai & New Delhi, December 18: deRivaz & Ives Auction House today established new world record prices for Indian vintage Indian film memorabilia in its Raj Kapoor @100 online Auction, on the heels of their recent successful Satyajit Ray, Bachchanalia & Feminine Icons online auctions. The auction clearly reinforced the […]

Forging Sustainable Revenues: A Partnership with Forever Living Products India

Mr. Harish Singla, Country Sales Manager at Forever Living Products India New Delhi (India), December 18: Forever Living Products, a global leader in wellness and beauty, has made significant strides in India, not only by providing sustainable products but also by creating valuable entrepreneurship opportunities. This dual commitment to ecological responsibility […]

Kanubhai – The Great”: A Cinematic Revolution in Urban Gujarati Cinema

Surat (Gujarat) [India], December 18: In a groundbreaking cinematic journey spanning several years, urban Gujarati films have witnessed a revolution. Engaging in meaningful entertainment, young Gujarati directors and artists are elevating the Gujarati silver screen to new heights. The film industry in Gujarat is embracing unique narratives, introducing extraordinary talents, […]