Vineet Gupta Ashoka Founder discusses – The rising position of South Asia in the global education sector

New Delhi (India), September 7: South Asia has emerged as a formidable contender in the global education sector due to unprecedented connectivity and rapid technological advancements. With 25% of the world’s population, South Asia is brimming with growing human potential. The region has 42 million students at higher education levels, with […]

Viraj Profiles Takes Centre Stage as Official Diamond Sponsor at MRAI International Business Summit

New Delhi (India), September 7: Viraj Profiles, a leader in the stainless-steel industry, proudly took the spotlight as the official Diamond Sponsor at the MRAI International Business Summit. Viraj’s commitment to progress and growth was evident in this significant opportunity, which also facilitated the development of important business relationships. As […]

Lares Algotech’s Director Mr Maya Sharan Singh Sheds Light on the Dynamics of Alternative Investment Funds in India

New Delhi (India), September 7: The Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) industry in India has been observing significant growth over the past few years as investors seek higher returns and diversification in their portfolios. According to industry experts, the dynamics of AIFs in India have been quite promising, with a positive […]

Career Saarthi Celebrates Success: Students Secure Offers from Top Indian and International Universities with Scholarships

Career Saarthi – Guiding you to Success New Delhi (India), September 7: Career Saarthi, India’s premier career counseling company, is elated to report that the current year has proven to be exceptionally rewarding. Numerous students have received offers from prestigious institutions, including top Indian universities such as Ashoka University, SP Jain […]

Renowned Lifestyle Physician Dr. Rajender Ramagiri Honored with Prestigious Awards for Diabetes Reversal

New Delhi (India), September 7: The healthcare industry is experiencing significant change due to the increasing incidence of diabetes and lifestyle-related issues among individuals across all age groups. Factors such as poor diet, sedentary lifestyles, and chronic stress have made these disorders prevalent global health concerns. With rising diabetes diagnoses, […]

Zimmer Biomet India Launches Zimmer Biomet on Wheels Campaign

Driving Innovation & Technology with Zimmer Biomet on Wheels New Delhi (India), September 7: Zimmer Biomet India today announced the launch of the Zimmer Biomet on Wheels campaign, a mobile vehicle housing the company’s innovative products and solutions, including Knee, Hips, Shoulder, and Sports Medicine product portfolios that leverage data, […]