KIFI Association’s 1st National Kudo Championship and Training Camp sees Over 600 Participants from Across India

Seen here in picture winners with trophies Zidan Kharadi – Gujarat, Pranshu Vora – Maharashtra, Hriday Boriawala – Mumbai Pune (Maharashtra) [India], May 8: The Kudo International Federation India (KIFI ASSOCIATION), recognized by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, held its 1st National Kudo Championship and 59th national training […]

CultureX – to disrupt Gujarat’s influencer Economy via exclusive licensing of its Influencer Marketplace Software to a leading state partner

New Delhi (India), May 8: is one of the largest technology ecosystems in the creator economy, backed by IIM-Ahmedabad’s CIIE, AppyHigh technology, Founders of Juspay, Creators like Anubhav Singh Bassi, Appurv Gupta, and other marquee angels. The company’s focus on cutting-edge technology has led to the development of its […]

Live In Your Dream House with the Metro Group

New Delhi (India), May 8: We all have an image of how our dream house would look like, a perfect house with all the features we desire, stylized furniture, amazing rooms, and many more, but with this rising economy and increasing rates of houses, we are not able to buy the […]