SquareFoot Outdoor Flooring

Outdoor Flooring from SquareFoot  A beautiful, elegant and durable flooring can uplift one’s décor like nothing else Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], February 17: Everyone enjoys having a deck outside their home where they can unwind and spend time with their loved ones. Even though natural wooden decks are aesthetically pleasing, the fear […]

Bombay Gourmet Market now in your neighborhood!

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], February 17: Bombay Gourmet Market is a one-stop store for all your gourmet food needs. Apart from regular buys, the convenience store is literally stocked up for gourmet lovers. Mr. Akshay Kumar’s vision is to have one in every neighbourhood! All the brands and products are carefully curated […]

The Dangers of Plastic: A Lesson from Asiatic Lion Cubs By wildlife Photographer Karim Kadiwar

Karim Kadiwar- Wild Life Photographer New Delhi (India), February 17: In the lush forests of Gir National Park in India, a heart-wrenching sight has recently caught the attention of conservationists and wildlife enthusiasts. A young Asiatic lion cub was recently photographed by Karim Kadiwar with a piece of plastic in its mouth, a […]

Hafele Klara Highline Pro Kitchen Machine

Klara Highline Pro Kitchen New Delhi (India), February 17: Small appliances like slicers, graters or mixers increase your productivity in the kitchen. Or do they? A cluttered worktop causes chaos in your culinary playground and can muddle up your headspace. With the rising trend of people opting for open kitchens, it […]

Founder of Care Takers Exterior & Interior, Dr Mustafa Yusufali Gom honoured with the Gau Bharat Bharti Award by the Governor, expresses gratitude!

New Delhi (India), February 17: Dr Mustafa Yusufali Gom, the founder of Care Takers Exterior & Interior, has been reaping the fruits of years of hard work and passion as he gets honoured left, right, and centre. First, the Maharashtra Society Welfare Association recognized Care Takers Exterior and Interior Pvt Ltd’s […]