TARA C TARA — Redefining Wedding Collections

November 23: With the wedding season just around the corner, Tara C Tara’s wedding collections are the talk of the town. It’s redefining wedding fashion for women of all ages. The fabric, the colors, the craftsmanship has taken the fashion industry by storm. What can be more enchanting than an […]

Composed by the duo Dony and RaaGini, ‘Tere Naal’ becomes everyone’s ‘soul-favourite’ song; hits 41k views on Day 1

The music composer duo – RaaGini Kavathekar and Dony Hazarika  India, 23rd November, 2022: Versatile playback singer, RaaGini Kavathekar, along with Award-winning Mixing Engineer and Music Producer, Dony Hazarika has recently released their new Punjabi song ‘Tere Naal’. Penned by well- known lyricist Jyoti Jha, the soulful song is sung by one of […]

Stalwart Lifesciences launches ‘Warstone Combi’ – a 100% painless and trusted Ayurvedic treatment for kidney stones

‘Warstone Combi’ – a 100% painless and trusted Ayurvedic treatment for kidney stones India, November 23, 2022: With an objective to provide result-oriented solution for kidney stones, Stalwart Lifesciences has come up with a fully Ayurvedic solution for the kidney-stone ailment through its medicine ‘Warstone’. The leading pharmaceutical company was conceived […]

IT Recruitment Expert Consultant Harry International introduces HI-Membership for IT startups in India

The HI-Membership allows startups to hire the right talent at a significantly lower or almost zero cost. Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India], November 23: The biggest challenge for startups, especially Information Technology (IT) startups is recruitment, and that too recruiting developers who are right for the job. Ahmedabad-based Harry International Pvt Ltd., […]

Tartan launches Batik to enable financial and health wellness benefits for today’s workforce

National, November 23: Fintech enabler Tartan which is democratising how today’s workforce can exercise increased control over their income and employment data to access financial services has now forayed into bringing products and services directly to consumers who are employed and launched a new self-service employment benefits marketplace – ‘BATIK’ to […]

Marengo CIMS Hospital launches the Stroke Ambulance to initiate medical help within the ‘Golden Hour’ to save more lives and bring more awareness on the timely medical help crucial in saving lives

Marengo CIMS Stroke Ambulance The three emergencies that claim the most lives are brain strokes, heart attack and Road Traffic Accidents. Marengo CIMS offers “SABSE FAST AAPKE PAAS” Ambulance within 15 minutes Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India], November 23: One of the three largest emergencies that can claim lives is ‘Strokes’. To […]

This International Men’s Day, NumroVani Launches Social Media Campaign #ExpressUnapologetically

November 22: The stigma around men’s vulnerability still averts them to communicate their emotions and reach out for help concerning their mental health issues. Therefore, NumroVani launched a social media campaign called #ExpressUnapologetically to break stereotypes and encourage men to share their problems freely. In observance of International Men’s Day, […]

UP Government’s StartinUP and Investopia join hands to nurture the start-up ecosystem in the state

India, November 23: A startup ecosystem is a network of organisations, communities, resources, regulatory bodies, and service providers that work together to foster the development of startups. With the increasing focus of the government to encourage the startups and entrepreneurship culture in the state, a grass-root approach is required. The […]