Matriye Software Private Limited, a leader in software innovation and digital transformation in India, proudly announces its commitment to transforming the EdTech universe in 2024 with the CosmosIQ.AI. With CosmosIQ.AI’s online learning platform with over 3,000 courses aimed at professional, competitive, and academic audiences, Matriye Software hopes to provide the global masses with innovative, quality, and expert education at a fraction of the cost. 

With 26.31 percent of India’s population in the age group of 0-14 years, India’s education sector provides numerous growth opportunities. A brand emerging out of the urgency to upskill and reskill workers in AI and automation to meet skill deficits, CosmosIQ.AI connects learners, educators, organizations, and institutions on a single platform, offering affordable access to quality education. The affordable marketplace for high-quality education, CosmosIQ.AI by Matriye, aims to make education from top institutions around the world accessible.

Using advanced technological solutions and cutting-edge digital technology, the CosmosIQ.AI marketplace can overcome key challenges faced by users and institutions, such as unaffordability, technology adaption, scalability, and privacy issues. Matriye Software’s extensive experience in custom software development, AI-powered solutions, and comprehensive data analytics allows it to unveil CosmosIQ.AI to combat AI-driven job automation and upskill 16.2 million workers globally.

Matriye Software Private Limited’s brainchild, CosmosIQ.AI, has a considerable Global Outreach & Recognition. Over 18+ countries, 150+ enterprises, 6000+ faculties, 18,000 enrolments, and 23,000+ students are associated directly or through allied institutions. Under the leadership of Founder Kumar Sanjeev, an expert in Marketing & IT, emerging from the operations & management  for Matriye Academy, CosmosIQ.AI is also headed to benefit from his expertise in business processes as well as enterprise product marketing. Realizing that only one in four MBAs, one in ten graduates, and one in five engineers are employable, Kumar Sanjeev launched CosmosIQ.AI.

CosmosIQ.AI has basic, standard, professional, premium, and elite subscriptions to pick from. On every course sold on the marketplace, CosmosIQ.AI charges institutions a percentage commission, with online courses priced at INR 17,999 and more. 

According to the predictions made by leading financial experts, CosmosIQ.AI is projected to experience a robust CAPR of about 85 percent over the next five years. CosmosIQ.AI is also expected to generate operational profit from the first year with an impressive EBITDA margin of 24.4 percent. Currently, the company maintains a consistent profit margin of 13 percent. By bolstering marketing, the company plans to generate INR 75 crore in revenue in FY25. The company also plans to fund marketing and working capital requirements for next 18 months with INR 25 crore. 

Matriye Software Private Limited, located in Pune, is an innovative company revolutionizing how individuals learn and acquire knowledge through tailored content and real-time recommendations. Matriye Software Private Limited is shaping the future of education and providing learners and educators with EdTech innovations like CosmosIQ.AI to help them thrive in the competitive world. The new valuation of the the company is now INR 276 Crore as on March 31st, 2024. Matriye Software Private Limited invites investors to join them on their journey to inevitable success with innovations like CosmosIQ.AI.

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