New Delhi (India), June 29: is a Jaipur based real estate startup for the real estate Joint Venture / Joint Development. is India’s 1st exclusive Joint Venture portal for real estate founded by Pratiiek Mor and Rohit Kumar.

Unlock the true potential of your land with JVDeals, the seasoned real estate JV experts who transform your land into a distinguished landmark. With a streamlined process and a wealth of expertise, JVDeals bridges the gap between landowners and developers, ensuring mutually beneficial joint ventures.

Indian Real estate Developers are Embracing Joint Ventures to Combat Soaring Land Prices in metro cities and even in tier 2 cities. Indian real estate market is undergoing a significant shift, with rising land costs, developers increasingly turning towards the joint development agreements/ Joint Venture (JDAs) with landowners to launch new projects.

The real estate business in India is growing at very fast pace. The popularity of the real estate Joint ventures (JVs) is increasing day by day. It is a fairly common arrangement for developers and builders to enter into Joint Development with land owners rather than making an outright purchase of the land. 

Land owners may grant rights to develop their land under an agreement entered on mutually agreed terms and conditions. Generically, in a joint development rights agreement, the owner provides the land, the land owner continues to own the land. In such arrangements, it is understood that the development related work will be done through the developer.

JVDeals connect the landowners with the perfect builders for their projects and vice versa We guide you through the entire process of Joint Venture, from developer selection and initial meetings to commercial terms negotiation and drafting the joint development agreement.  We simplify the process, saving your time and efforts and give you peace of mind. So basically, you don’t need to contact to developers or any real estate agent. 

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Here’s what sets JVDeals apart:

1. Tie-up with Established & Upcoming Brands: JVDeals has established relationships with a broad network of both prominent and emerging real estate developers.

2. Expertise in Real Estate Joint Ventures: With a singular focus on real estate joint ventures since 2018, JVDeals possesses unparalleled expertise in the field. Our seasoned advisors ensure smooth and favorable deals, making us the go-to experts in the industry.

3. Creating Opportunities for Lucrative Returns: By combining your land equity with a developer’s brand equity, our alliances ensure premium value for your built-up area, often surpassing prevailing market prices.

4. Process-Driven Company: JVDeals is committed to efficiency and effectiveness through structured approaches and systematic methodologies, ensuring seamless execution of joint ventures for both landowners and developers.

Why Joint Venture Deals are Increasing

·Reduced upfront costs: Partnering with landowners through JDAs allows developers to share the burden of land acquisition, reducing their initial financial investment.

·Landowner benefits: Landowners potentially gain higher returns through profit sharing compared to traditional land sales.

·This collaborative approach has the potential to reshape the city’s property market and ensure financial viability for all stakeholders.

·Land prices in major Indian cities, have witnessed a 20-30% increase in the past three years. This surge has driven the shift towards JDAs. Earlier outright land sales were more common. However, JDAs are now preferred due to their cost-effectiveness for both developers and landowners.

·Benefits of JDAs:

·Landowners: Monetize land while retaining ownership.

·Developers: Access prime locations without massive upfront costs.

·Increased Returns: JDAs are expected to yield 2-2.5 times higher returns than outright sales.

Joint Venture deals offer several advantages for land owners like monetary enhancement of the land, retaining inheritance sentiment, and for real estate developers it gives them financial freedom in terms of liquidity, expanding market reach or entering new market.

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