New Delhi (India), May 16: Every individual needs a guiding light to help them overcome the darkness of life. It can be a sense of loss, separation from loved ones, or an identity crisis: these issues worsen over time and with growing age. While most women succumb to these predicaments, only a few brave seek help, like Manali Dhanani and others.

“I registered for LIFE Coaching for a reset to be happy. I was in a completely deluded state with no vision. It was just a try to obtain clarity about who I am and my purpose. At my first session, I sought emotional support during a tough time. I wanted inspiration and guidance to navigate my life, even in different circumstances. From the first session, Shweta assisted me greatly in establishing my goals.” – Manali Dhanani, Client.

In a society where age and gender often dictate the boundaries within which one should operate. Shweta Anand has emerged as the dark horse, shattering stereotypes and proving that dreams know no limits. Her remarkable journey is a symbol of her resilience and self-belief. 

Her journey as an eminent life coach further resembles her innate commitment to empowering others and helping them to embrace their authentic selves.

At an age when many consider their dreams dead and life over, Shweta fearlessly embarked on a new adventure – establishing a thriving export business at 45. As her entrepreneurial journey took momentum, she stepped into the next chapter of life called marriage, at 47.

Societal construct couldn’t hinder her progress and Shweta proved that by walking the ramp and being crowned VG Mrs India Finesse 2024 at the age of 50.

 However, Shweta’s path was filled with challenges, threatening her professional and personal life. From losing all her savings to a dishonest partner to dealing with her fiance’s infidelity, she was devastated.

Yet, with each obstacle, Shweta emerged stronger and wiser, embracing these challenges as stepping stones towards her ultimate goals.

“Dreams never die: Don’t let age hold you back! If I can do it, you can do it too,” Shweta declares, her words resonating with the spirit that has guided her throughout this remarkable journey.

Today, Shweta Anand is a multifaceted force, embodying the roles of a certified life coach, EFT practitioner, chakra healer, Ho’oponopono practitioner, and Reiki master. She is also the author of a book “Empowered Singlehood” dedicated to helping women navigate the challenges of being single, drawing from her own experiences and insights. 

Central to Shweta’s approach lies a holistic philosophy focusing on gratitude, responsibility, and nurturing. She believes in empowering individuals to take charge of their lives, guiding them towards self-discovery, and helping them cultivate the confidence and resilience necessary to overcome any obstacle.

“While online resources can provide information, genuine personal growth often requires wisdom and mentorship of someone who has walked the path before,” Shweta advises, recognising the value of personalised mentorship in unlocking one’s full potential.

Aiming to empower 25 Lakh women in 25 years, this life coach is on a mission to help women create their own identities and lead fulfilling lives. Her coaching is a catalyst for personal and professional growth, offering a platform for women to rediscover their purpose and reclaim their power. 

Furthermore, through her innovative sessions and techniques, Shweta has enabled her clients to build a life for themselves. By encouraging them to choose a blissful lifestyle, away from all toxicities, the life coach fills her clients with positivity. 

In an industry where coaching and mentoring programs have been shown to lead to a 21% increase in productivity and a 28% improvement in employee engagement, Shweta’s impact extends far beyond individual transformations. Her work contributes to a ripple effect, enabling women to own their full potential and, in turn, positively influence their communities and workplaces. As Shweta Anand continues to inspire and guide others on their journeys of self-discovery and personal growth, her story reflects her powerful principle. She staunchly believes that age is just a number and that being youthful is a choice. With a visionary mindset, rock-solid determination, and immense compassion, Shweta Anand is defining what it means to embrace one’s true purpose, urging everyone to dream with no boundaries.

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