Sanket Patel, the director of Greenlab Diamonds, is passionate about revolutionizing the diamond industry. Growing up in a family deeply rooted in the diamond trade for over 50 years, Sanket was drawn to the intricacies of diamond manufacturing from a young age. 

Accompanying his grandfather to the diamond processing unit at a young age, Sanket was intrigued by the terminology used by workers, particularly the reference to diamonds as “stones.” This sparked his curiosity, leading him to ponder how diamonds, which come from rocks or stones, could be created. Sanket’s inquisitive mind was sparked by a simple yet profound question – “If a diamond comes from a rock or stone, why can’t we make that rock?”

With a keen interest in exploring this concept further, Sanket pursued his education in Business Administration, earning degrees from the London School of Business & Finance and Bellerbys College, London. Armed with knowledge and fueled by curiosity, he embarked on a journey to discover the possibilities within the diamond industry.

Driven by a desire to innovate, Sanket ventured into the family business. However, he found himself drawn to a different path – one that involved cultivating diamonds rather than extracting them from the earth. This led to the inception of Greenlab Diamonds, a pioneering venture dedicated to the production of lab-grown diamonds.

Sanket’s vision for Greenlab Diamonds was rooted in sustainability and technological advancement. Leading the company’s Research and Development department, he implemented cutting-edge technology to grow rough diamonds from carbon seeds. Through meticulous processes, these rough diamonds were transformed into polished gems of exceptional quality, positioning Greenlab as a leading supplier of CVD diamonds.

Sanket’s relentless pursuit of excellence has positioned Greenlab Diamonds as a leading supplier, with a staggering monthly production capacity exceeding 2 lakh carats. His commitment to sustainability is evident in the company’s operations, with renewable energy powering the Greenlab Diamond foundry.

Beyond the boardroom, Sanket is a passionate advocate for sustainable diamonds, championing the cause on a global stage. His presence is felt at prestigious events such as JCK, JS London, the Hong Kong show, and Italy’s Vicenzaoro, where he showcases the potential of lab-grown diamonds and educates consumers about their ethical and sustainable sourcing. Under the leadership of Sanket Patel, Greenlab Diamonds achieved consecutive recognition from GJEPC for two years, being honored as the top exporter in the Lab Grown Diamond sector in 2023 and for its remarkable exponential growth in the LGD sector in 2022.

Sanket’s impact is profound, as he spearheads initiatives to promote the “Make in India” ethos and expand the domestic market for lab-grown diamonds. Despite his youth, Patel’s exceptional managerial skills have seen him successfully oversee a workforce of 3000 employees, with a focus on employee wellness as a cornerstone of Greenlab’s success. His unwavering dedication to quality has earned Greenlab Diamonds a reputation for excellence in the field of CVD diamonds.

In Sanket Patel, we see not just an entrepreneur but a visionary whose passion, innovation, and commitment to sustainability are shaping the future of diamonds. With Greenlab Diamonds, he is not just redefining an industry but paving the way for a more sustainable and ethical future for the environment, employment and economy of generations to come.