New Delhi (India), April 18:  Situated against the vibrant tapestry of Guwahati, Lets See Tour and Travels has become synonymous with unforgettable journeys in India’s northeastern states and neighbouring Bhutan. However, this decade-old success story isn’t just about meticulously crafted itineraries or seamless logistics. It testifies to the sheer determination and commitment of its founder, Mr. Lohit Sharma, whose love for travel blossomed into a movement that revitalised the region’s tourism industry.

Driven by a personal belief that travel fosters exploration and self-discovery, Mr. Sharma has steered Lets See Tour and Travels towards becoming a vital contributor to the North-East’s tourism landscape.

From Hotels to Holidays: A Seed of Passion is Sown

Mr. Sharma’s entrepreneurial spirit blossomed well before Lets See Tour and Travels took root. In 2007, he founded the Tawang View Group of hotels, at Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh, with a modest establishment, on lease, containing just eight rooms.

Leveraging his deep understanding of the region’s hospitality needs, Mr. Sharma quickly expanded to encompass five hotels with a total capacity of 86 rooms. The experience not only sharpened Mr. Sharma’s business acumen but also instilled in him a profound appreciation for the region’s untapped tourism potential.

Significantly, Mr. Sharma’s vision extended beyond hotels. He recognized the power of shared experiences and became the first to introduce group tours to the North Eastern States of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, and more. Lets See Tour and Travels continued to champion this initiative, making group tours a cornerstone of their travel services.

Birth of Lets See Tour and Travels: Exposing the Untamed Beauty of the North-East

In 2010, Mr. Sharma’s passion for travel culminated in the establishment of Lets See Tour and Travels. He envisioned a company that would not just curate holidays or expose the hidden gems of the North-East but would considerably contribute to the growth and economic status of the region

Once the concept of group tours in the 7-sisters states gained momentum, Mr. Lohit Sharma, went on to handle hotel reservations and even transportation systems for the travellers.

It’s worth noting that earlier travellers suffered due to the unavailability of a proper transport system while travelling to Tawang. On recognising this gap, the visionary travel entrepreneur offered comfortable vehicles ensuring a hassle-free journey for the tourists.

From luxury coaches to modified buses, Mr. Sharma made transportation to Tawang smooth and  at a reasonable price, boosting the transport industry in due course.

A Bridge Between Nations

Lets See Tour and Travels’ commitment extended far beyond catering to individual travellers. Recognising the power of collaboration, the company established a robust network of B2B partnerships with tour operators from various countries.

This strategic move transformed them into a bridge, connecting international travellers with the unexplored treasures of the North-East states, Bhutan, Nepal, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, and many more destinations. Utilising such business moves, the travel company fosters a stronger friendship between countries.

Reviving Bhutan’s Tourism Industry

The company’s dedication wasn’t limited to geographical boundaries. Recognising the potential of Bhutan as a tourist destination, Lets See Tour and Travels played a pivotal role in reviving the country’s tourism industry post-pandemic.

In a unique collaborative effort in January 2023, the company joined forces with 36 tour operators across India to organize a week-long camp trip to showcase Bhutan’s breathtaking beauty. This initiative, appreciated by Bhutan’s Prime Minister himself and the Director of Tourism, Bhutan, served as a major boost to the country’s economic recovery, promoting the nation’s tourism industry. As a result, over 45 thousand tourists visited Bhutan and out of it 10% of the travellers visited as a part of Lets See’s tour group.

Beyond Recognition: A Legacy Etched in Flourishing Tourism

Mr. Sharma’s dedication to the North-East and Bhutan transcends awards and accolades. The countless satisfied clients and the flourishing tourism scene stand as a true testament to his vision. Through Lets See Tours and Travels, Mr. Lohit Sharma and the team have contributed significantly to employment opportunities, improvements in the transportation sector, and much more. 

Lets See Tour and Travels’ story is an inspiring example of how an individual’s passion can become a driving force for regional development. As they continue to shape positive experiences for travellers, their steadfast commitment ensures that the North-East and Bhutan remain at the forefront of the tourism map.

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