New Delhi (India), October 27: Life has become the face of Facebook wherein people share their viewpoints on your life problems by liking the like button, commenting on your post, and even sharing your problems with others. Now that the internet has taken over the world, there is no need to be physically present in one place to do business. It is an era where everything is shared and valued online in just a few minutes. But how did it start? Who has created a world like this?

Let’s discuss the seven crazy facts about the man behind this, Mark Zuckerberg.

Who is Mark Zuckerberg?

One of the most searched people on the Internet and the youngest billionaire in the world, Mark Zuckerberg was born in 1984, in New York. He became the richest man at the age of 23. His father was a dentist and his mother was a Psychiatrist. Knowing multiple languages such as Latin, French, Hebrew, Greek and more, he was a genius child from his childhood.

At the age when kids play games, he was involved in programming. His love for coding made him the owner of Facebook and many other social media sites.

Seven Major Facts About Mark Zuckerberg

  1. Genius Since Childhood

From a young age, he displayed exceptional talent in coding and even taught his tutor important coding stuff when he was just 7. When he was 10 and joined an advanced coding program, he not only topped the class but also made the first-ever instant messaging tool.

  1. Invented Synapse Media Player in the Year 2000

Back in the year 2000, when his friend had trouble listening to music, he did something incredible. While he was still in school, he came up with the Synapse media player. This player was not your regular music player; it could suggest songs that you might like and even play them one after another in a way that just felt right. It was so impressive that Bill Gates himself said, “Synapse is the most innovative media player I have ever seen so far.”

  1. Created Course Match in 48 hours

When he got into Harvard School, he witnessed the problem of choosing the course. It was hard for students to figure out which courses were the right ones for them. They needed to know things like which subjects were good for their future, who taught those subjects, and how many boys and girls were in each class. So, in just 48 hours, he made a piece of software called Course Match in 2002. His focus and time management made him the genius among all.

  1. Values Times and Privacy

When Mark’s friends suggested going on a date, he agreed and went out with a girl. However, during the date, he realized he was using his time in a way that didn’t make sense to him. He started adding up the costs of the time spent, gifts, dinner, and the fact that he wasn’t working on his business during that time. “Rather than wasting time on women who will be gone, it’s better to invest your time on a product which is not yet born”, said Mark.

Likewise, I also started Billionaire Blueprint with the same mindset of taking the entrepreneur business to the next level. And created an AI tool, called BB Coach in which I answered all the business-related queries under one roof.

Whereas, he also values privacy. He spent more than $30 million buying 4 neighbouring houses so he could have privacy. 

  1. Investigation of Facemash

After a girl at his college made fun of him, Mark got frustrated and started coding while sipping some drinks. He hacked into Harvard’s website, creating a program that compared a girl’s photo to a bitch for people to vote on. This got really popular, and he expanded it to compare two girls’ photos at once, which is how he came up with Facemash.

  1. Launched Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg started his journey with Facebook in college. Facemash, a project he created at Harvard, gained popularity. In this project, he would take photos of Harvard students and post them online. Later, he got the idea to create a system where people could post their own photos. He started working on Facebook with some friends, aiming to connect people online.

Soon, they developed Facebook, and it became popular among Harvard University students. Gradually, Facebook expanded to become a global platform, loved by students at major universities worldwide. “I created a world where whatever gets uploaded stays on it forever”, said Mark. Over time, Mark continued to update and improve Facebook, and that’s how we have the platform today.

  1. Always Focused on Life and Work

The key to Mark’s success is his focus on his work. He pays great attention to detail, even in selecting his clothes, so he can save time and focus on his work. Likewise, he also selects the staff of his company by analyzing the focus of the person. He did an experiment wherein he made the employee drunk and asked him to do the coding in the noisy area. He believes that if the employee is able to do in the worst condition with full focus, then he will do the same in good condition. Thus, he has also created a culture of “I only value the person who is highly focused”.

Mark can work while having a beer with friends and even conduct job interviews in a relaxed setting to assess a person’s focus on work.

Today, Facebook, led by Mark Zuckerberg, has reached people all around the world, shaping the growing digital world. Mark is now working on Meta, a project that has the potential to change the world once again.

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