New Delhi (India), July 4: Physiotattva, a pan-Indian physiotherapy brand, recently launched a new age protocol based musculoskeletal branch of aqua therapy focusing on knee treatment, in the Whitefield branch, Bengaluru. The brand has taken this step with a goal to provide diverse and accessible physiotherapy services to people of all age groups. Further expansion plans with expert aqua therapy treatments are planned to arrive at every other branch of Physiotattva in Bengaluru and Hyderabad, later this year. 

“As the demand for solutions to knee pain continues to rise globally, physiotherapists must adopt diverse treatment modalities to customize the treatment according to their patient’s needs. While land-based physiotherapy routines remain popular, aqua therapy has emerged as a groundbreaking approach that has had a life changing impact on patients with knee related conditions. Studies have shown that a weekly aqua therapy session over a period of 6 months is extremely beneficial in alleviating pain, enhancing movement and promoting functional improvement.”, said Dr. Bela Brahmbhatt (PT), Director, Physiotattva. 

“With a clear objective to make aqua therapy accessible for all, our aim is to dispel the myth that aqua therapy is an expensive or premium service limited to a few. We are committed to ensuring that more and more people can benefit from this treatment.”

The increased buoyancy in water reduces the stress of weight that the body applies on the knee making aqua therapy highly effective at relieving pressure on the knee, thus allowing it to strengthen without the risks that are associated with high-impact therapy. This combined with warm water’s ability to decrease sensitivity to pain and improve circulation has proven ideal for patients with chronic conditions. Aqua therapy is also conducted in a safe and controlled environment. The fluid and supportive nature of water eliminates the risk of falls and reduces sudden impacts, offering a secure space to perform exercises or activities towards rehabilitation goals. 

“Hydrotherapy can give a patient the confidence, strength, and support they need to master proper mechanics and improve the quality of their life. From a psychological point of view, lowering the risk of re-injury acts as a great boost of confidence among patients, empowering them to push further and find success in their physiotherapy routine without worrying about exercise-based injuries. With aqua therapy, you don’t need to wait to start. Its ability to provide great results without straining the muscles and joints allows for treatment to start earlier. It is also flexible for individuals of all ages and varying medical or injury records.” said Mrs. Neha Cadabam, Director, Physiotattva. “We believe that comfort and enjoyment are at the core of physiotherapy, without which, patients will seldom have the motivation to recover. With aqua therapy, we have the opportunity to revolutionize the landscape of knee care with the advent of innovative therapies that complement pre-existing, trusted methods such as aqua therapy.” 

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