Combining Ancient Wisdom with Modern Technology, Mine Astro Sets a New Standard for Accurate and Comprehensive Astrology Readings

New Delhi (India), June 26: Mine Astro, the revolutionary astrology app, is making waves in the industry, receiving widespread acclaim and positioning itself as the go-to choice for astrology enthusiasts. With its precise predictions, advanced features, and commitment to user satisfaction, Mine Astro has garnered significant attention and is projected to […]

Kalamandir Jewellers sets a shining example with Rs 8 crore in cash prize to 200 employees

Surat (Gujarat) [India], June 26: Kalamandir Jewellers, a leading jewellery retailer, organised two prestigious award ceremonies, the Kalamandir Platinum Champions 3.0 and The Golden Awards 4.0, in a dazzling display of recognition and celebration. The Kalamandir Platinum Champions 3.0 was aimed at acknowledging and honouring the best-performing employees and teams within […]

Young Indian Prodigy Makes Remarkable Contributions to Ancient Knowledge at a Tender Age

Andhra Pradesh (India), June 26: Dr Aripirala Yogananda Sastry, a remarkable 10-year-old from Andhra Pradesh, India, has garnered widespread recognition and numerous accolades for his exceptional achievements in astrology. Yogananda, affectionately known as the master of ancient knowledge, has become the youngest individual in India to receive honorary doctorate in […]

Simran Nerurkar and Suhail Nayyar, mesmerize in the Romantic Song ‘KYUN’ Sung by Bhoomi Trivedi in the recent release on Zee Music

New Delhi (India), June 26: Simran Nerurkar and Suhail Nayyar embark on a soul-stirring journey of love and emotions in Zee Music’s recently released romantic love song ‘KYUN’. Sung by the immensely talented Bhoomi Trivedi, this enchanting melody has captivated hearts. Shot in the city of Varanasi, where love blossoms amidst […]