The skin and hair care brand persuades its customers to make a switch from conventional cosmetic products

New Delhi (India), June 23: Over time, the conversation around organic skincare routines is becoming more prominent among men and women alike. As skin contributes to an individual’s overall aesthetic appeal, it is deeply associated with self-esteem and confidence. In 2023, consumers are making a radical shift from conventional cosmetic products to organic skin and hair care products that nourish their skin in a sustainable way. Millennials and Gen-Z consumers have started reading the ingredients written on packages before they buy their skincare products.

To add to this paradigm shift, Aneesh Fatima launches Limelush Organics to offer consumers with a range of skin and hair care products developed using 100% natural ingredients. Her brand helps its customers tackle skin-related issues and obtain flawless skin without the use of harmful chemicals. Headquartered in Bangalore, Limelush Organics stresses the importance of traditional herbs and products offered by mother nature in abundance.

Limelush Organics was conceptualized by Aneesh after the herbs from her backyard cured her skin damage. In the midst of the COVID crisis when her city was on a lockdown, Aneesh met with a domestic accident that ended up damaging her skin. While she couldn’t seek external help from skincare specialists at the time, burns and rashes made things worse. Ultimately, the herbs in her backyard came to her rescue and surprised Aneesh by healing her skin. This laid the foundation of Limelush Organics.

Aneesh developed the skin and hair care brand after conducting thorough research and analysis. Having studied cosmetology at the University of Athens, she had the right acumen to create perfect skincare concoctions using organic ingredients and herbs. Moreover, her education in the field of Ayurvedic Cosmetology let her make the most of Indian herbs to provide bespoke skincare solutions in the form of Limelush Organics products.

Aneesh is also inspired by the skincare routines of ancient royalties around the world. Cleopatra, arguably the most beautiful Egyptian queen to have ever lived, was a big inspiration behind launching the brand. The team of Limelush Organics did a deep dive into the past and analyzed how the royalties cared for their skin in the absence of chemical-based cosmetic products.

As Aneesh and her team studied the skincare routine of Cleopatra, they discovered the importance of donkey milk. Back in the day, the queen made sure that donkeys accompanied her troops everywhere as she traveled. Despite being considered taboo in many parts of India, donkey milk is said to have impeccable qualities for healing and nourishing human skin. It is an effective ingredient in tackling issues like eczema, psoriasis, signs of aging, and more.

Moreover, Aneesh ensures that Limelush Organics steers clear of animal cruelty with 100% healthy extraction of donkey milk. While milking them, the Jennys and their foals are fed milk and honey to ensure that they are not deprived of nutrition. The company’s fouder and her team make continuous attempts to ensure that donkeys lead healthy lives while giving them their precious milk.

While conducting research related to donkey milk, Aneesh also discovered the benefits of Donkey-assisted Therapy (DAT). DAT is a lesser-known arm of psychological therapy that has shown a proven increase in people’s IQ levels by spending time with donkeys. Research papers have shown that alcoholics and children suffering from autism tend to experience a spike in their IQ levels by interacting with donkeys. Clinical data also shows that countries like Australia, Sri Lanka, and the UK have dedicated DAT centers where autistic children are treated.

Clinically tested in the US and prescribed by dermatologists, many Limelush Organics products contain donkey milk as the key ingredient.

Aneesh believes that holistic skincare is beyond beautification and her brand prioritized skin and hair nourishment over everything else. She says, “Although important, beautification is not the primary focus of Limelush Organics. People struggling with skin conditions often lack the confidence to attend social gatherings and suffer from self-esteem issues. Our aim is to help such individuals heal their skin while keeping them away from harmful chemicals. Once they become comfortable ‘in their own skin,’ they can always enhance their aesthetic appeal with a range of skin and hair care products!”

While Limelush Organics is starting out with an eCommerce store, Aneesh plans to launch a physical store and spa soon. To learn more about its products and visit its official Instagram account, click here: 

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