Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], June 22: Osho Jain, a brilliant singer, composer, producer, and lyricist, hitmaker of multiple songs who finds beauty & inspiration in the simplicity & complexities of love, joins forces with the talented artist Sanchi to unveil their enchanting new song, “Tu Jae Jahan.” With its heartfelt lyrics and captivating melodies, this collaboration paints a vivid picture of two souls intertwined in a world of love and support.

“Tu Jae Jahan” is a musical masterpiece that showcases Osho Jain’s exceptional talent as a composer, producer, and lyricist. Osho’s distinct voice and poetic prowess shine through as he skilfully crafts a composition that resonates deeply with listeners. With an impressive repertoire that includes an EP, album, and over 15 singles, Osho continues to push the boundaries of his sound, immersing himself in the depths of emotion and musical exploration.

Featuring the soulful voice of Sanchi, “Tu Jae Jahan” takes listeners on a mesmerizing journey through the warmth of summer evenings, the essence of true love, and the allure of dreams. Sanchi’s unique vocal stylings blend harmoniously with Osho’s voice and composition, creating a musical synergy that is truly captivating.

The song’s soothing music adds a magical touch to the heartfelt lyrics, enveloping listeners in a world of pure emotion. Each note and word is carefully crafted to evoke a sense of connection and intimacy, leaving the audience craving for more.

Osho Jain and Sanchi have poured their hearts and souls into “Tu Jae Jahan,” creating an experience that resonates deeply with their audience. Their combined talents and artistic vision have resulted in a song that is both timeless and unforgettable.

Talking about the song, Osho says “Tu Jae Jahan started as a collaboration between me and Sanchi. We were really connected to the song since we wrote the first line. Each and every recording session was really smooth and the flow was very different from all the other songs that I have done .For the lyric video we went into the sea on a little boat. It was a totally crazy experience. Jayesh Malani did a beautiful job on the video. It is just exactly how I imagined it to be. This is my third song with IndieA records as well and the energy of the entire team is absolutely correct as always. Cannot wait for people to hear it and sing along during the upcoming shows.”

Talking about the collaboration, Sanchi shares “Tu Jae Jahan is a very special song for me. Me and Osho have collaborated after a year and a half and it has come really beautifully. Cannot wait for people to hear it.”

Listen to the song here-

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