The new Chamber of Commerce will strengthen the economic ties between the two countries.

Former captain of the West Indies Cricket Team, Ramnaresh Sarwan named as the President of the new body.

New Delhi [India], June 16: In a bid to accelerate the pace of economic development between India and Guyana, an India/Guyana Chamber of Commerce (IGCC) has been launched in Guyana. The chamber has been jointly inaugurated by the Indian External Affairs Minister, Dr Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, during his recent visit to Guyana and Guyanese President, His Excellency Dr Irfaan Ali, at a business roundtable in George Town, Guyana.

Aimed at intensifying private sector participation in infrastructure projects and business development, IGCC will work towards strengthening the investment and trade potential between Guyana and India and will promote technology transfer, cultural ties, innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainability between the two countries.  

Former cricketer Mr Ramnaresh Sarwan has been named the President of the India/Guyana Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, Steven Jacobs, Kalamazad Ibrahim and David Fernandes are the senior vice presidents, while banker Shaleeza Shaw is the treasurer. Founder and President of Texila American University Consortium Saju Bhaskar is the secretary, and Ekaa Hrim Earth Resources Management Operations Director Sreebala Kumar is the joint secretary.

Speaking at the event, Indian External Affairs Minister, Dr Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, said: “India hopes to work with Guyana as a key development partner in its initiatives to diversify its economy beyond the oil and gas industry. The key focus areas of IGCC will be agriculture, energy, health and pharmaceutical, defence cooperation, human resource development, innovation and infra development, where both countries can forge strategic partnerships.”

Sharing his views, the Former captain of the West Indies Cricket Team and President of the India/Guyana Chamber of Commerce (IGCC) said: “I am deeply honoured and truly excited to be selected as the inaugural president of this new body. Given where Guyana is headed and the history that we have shared together with India, having a relationship with India provides a lot more businesses to know about Guyana. We just want to ensure that every Guyanese is opened to as many opportunities, and also give the businesses in India opportunities as well.”

Mr Saju Bhaskar, Secretary of India/Guyana Chamber of Commerce (IGCC) and President & Founder of Texila American University Consortium said, “IGCC will serve as a platform for the business people in Guyana and India to connect, network, and operate. The goal of the organization is to open up diverse trade, investment, and joint venture opportunities in the fields of energy, technology and agriculture sectors and scale new heights in the Guyanese investment market by supporting its members with resources, trade forums and business visits. The organization will undertake efforts to advance the economic growth of both India and Guyana and has invited businesses, irrespective of size, to join the network and take advantage of the benefits. IGCC will work closely with governments, business organizations, and industry experts to identify new business opportunities to overcome challenges that hinder the growth of trade and investment between the two countries.” 

The new Chamber of Commerce is also committed to developing a community that will be built on the strengths of shared values and mutual respect and will prioritize ethical and responsible business practices while providing solutions and addressing the urgent problems that communities and businesses in Guyana and India are facing.