Award-Winning Ajay’s Takeaway Food Named Best Emerging QSR Chain at Food Connoisseurs India Awards

L to R: Chef Ananya Bannerjee, Founders Jaideep and Ajay Solanki and Chef Amrita Raichand of Ajay’s Takeaway Food Surat (Gujarat) [India], March 1: Ajay’s Takeaway Food, a fast-growing chain of trusted Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), has been honoured with the prestigious Food Connoisseurs India Awards at the Food Connoisseurs India Convention in […]

Who are top 5 most influential astrologers in the world? 

Kolkata (West Bengal) [India], March 1: A huge percentage of our population believes and likes to take decisions based on astrological predictions. They often search for the Best Astrologer in world. This article will help you to choose the same. Vedic astrology is becoming increasingly popular worldwide since it is thought to […]

Bolt.Earth Launches Open EV Charging Platform to enable and support the growing EV Adoption in India

Charging point manufacturers, EV OEMs, fleet operators and mobile apps can now become part of Bolt.Earth’s growing network Bangalore (Karnataka) [India], March 1: Bolt.Earth has announced the launch of its Open EV Charging Platform that aims to integrate country-wide charging points into a single platform. This initiative seeks to fulfill the growing […]

The Top 9 Certifications That Can Help You Succeed

The Top 9 Certifications That Can Help You Succeed New Delhi (India), March 1: In this fast-paced world, you can never stop upskilling yourself. Hence, there is always a huge demand for IT certifications in the market. Companies across various sectors are always on the hunt for people who have not […]