January 17: Siim Land is one of the most innovative fitness experts creating absolute genius content on Instagram today. Land, whose Instagram handle goes by the name @siimland has more than 145 thousand followers on Instagram, and this count has been growing ever since. There are many fitness trainers in the market, but none has been as consistent and as profitable as Siim. Our executive took time to drop by Siim and tried to gain valuable inputs on how to establish oneself as a social media content creator. He also talked about how achieving optimal health and performance has helped him put an edge in his game.

Reflecting on his childhood Siim shares that- “As a kid, I was pissed off by the fact that adults are messing up with our planet and why so many people were sick, because of this particular reason I wanted to take a stand, make the world a better place and never take my health for granted.” He has been always driven towards fitness and nutrition right from his high school. After college, he went to military services, where he learnt to overcome challenges and deal with stress. Thereafter he studied anthropology in university to get a deeper understanding of human nature, the body and mind.

Siim is into Biohacking which means health optimization, tracking biomarkers, optimal performance, longevity, and technology. He has already written many books about Biohacking and how to get maximum benefits using that. He has been a speaker in the world’s largest biohacking conferences. If you are someone who values your health, you can also follow Siim on Instagram where he teaches about biohacking, health optimization, performance and longevity.

He has recently announced paid online programs whereafter he is going to speak at the biggest Biohackers Summit globally. With the expertise of people like Siim, one thing that is absolutely true is that you will become the healthier and best version of yourself.